You have a unique story to tell …

Your body remembers chapters that you have forgotten.

The latest plot twists show up in your relationships.

And your mind is your story’s reader, writer, editor, and  illustrator.


Every part of your unique story deserves attention

From the trauma still hiding in your shallow breathing …

To your clenched jaw when your partner speaks..

To the deep longing in your relationships …

To how quickly you get dysregulated in a relationship…

To your difficulty in bouncing back and being present…

To the vast freedom and creativity waiting to be unleashed by your mind.


I would be honored to help you tell your story. And to help you change your story.

To tell your story, we explore all levels of your experience – emotional, cognitive, felt sense and physiological.

Because your blueprint affects you at every moment, we begin in the here and now.


To help you change your story,  we assess key patterns and provide reparative experiences.

Developmental trauma and/or deeply lodged pockets of trauma are tended to and integrated.

Old relational blueprints and dysfunctional notions of self are repatterned and replaced as you become somatically mindful and feel a strong relational therapeutic alliance.

Changing your story will provide a greater sense of agency over your difficulties with self and other.


Integrating all aspects of you is vital

It’s how you become more alive, more joyous, more evolved, and more connected.

It is how you relate to yourself and to your partner. It is how you co-exist and have secure relationships.

It is how, you, as a student, are doing at school academically, socially, with your family and with your self.

It is how your life becomes more meaningful, how you build more resiliency, and how you access more of life’s pleasures.


It all starts with you, or the two of you, or your family system … and your story.

In this website, learn more about how I work with people, hear a bit about me.

Contact me with any questions — or to schedule a free consultation.


What will you do with your one wild and precious life?

~ Mary Oliver